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April 24, 2008

Want the best E Cig Deals?, read and learn about the Electric Cigarette, what kind of E cig are are you?

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If you ever thought of going to Best Buy without doing any price comparison think again, in our competitive world of prices, online shopping and comparison tools you really are not the sharpest tool in the box if you buy impulsively. You should expect to pay between 5% to 50% more if you don’t do the price check and go straight for the retail store. My father always told me “never pay retail” until I was 18 i didn’t really understand the big deal, it occurred to me at a later stage that the difference between retail and wholesale is gigantic. don’t get me wrong I’m not as stupid as it sounds and the reason for that is that I started working in a smoke shop, everything seems to work out fine until we got the “package” the UPS guy that delivered the package said its an overnight from China, My boss came to the front of the store to sign the delivery, he opened the box and Viola the hottest item on the market was now in our hands the “Electric Cigarette” has arrived. Just to makes things clear I’ve been smoking cigarettes sense 17 and I am 27 now which sucks because my lungs are probably so dirty by now that only a good flush of bleach could turn it white again, (not really) I rushed to try it as soon as my boss was done with it and OMG this thing is awesome the way it smokes without the tobacco taste and the grip of it is so natural, you can never guess its not a real cigarette. My next question was how much does it cost? My boss said that it will be selling for $150 bucks in the store, which isn’t really much because that’s what I normally spend on cigarettes a month smoking one pack a day. He said that if I would like to get one for myself I would get 50% off the retail price being a company employee. It didn’t take me to long the get the cash out and hand it to my boss for the promised lung friendly device. I was the happiest on the planet, well maybe I’m exaggerating here but I sure did look cool smoking it wherever I wanted, I got tons of attention and if was smart about it back then I could probably sell loads of it just by having a few boxes in my car. After about 2 months of use I decided to get myself another pack just in case something happens to the one I have so I went online and started searching, I found out that there are so many different kinds of E Cigarettes but none really looked like the one I already had. My E Cig was called the Evo Cig but didn’t have a website or a phone number to call, I forgot to mention that I wasn’t working at the smoke shop anymore so my X boss would not give me the employee discount, bummer heh. My search wasn’t for nothing I came across a few vendors that offered the Electric Magic at a really good deal and my mother also joined the Electric Cigarette smokers circle, I think she’s happy, my dad doesn’t complain about the smell anymore LOL. As far as the finding E Cig Deals on the internet, I encourage you to search for a brand that will give you the best quality and a long battery life, and don’t forget the cartridges that you need for your E Cig.

Update: Having the E Cig for 9 months now I must say it changed my life completely I have not smoked even one cigarette after starting with this one. Any new brands out there that worth a click?

I found some good websites that provide a lot of good info links below:

Electric Cig Forum

E Cigs Comparison Site

Online store that offers a few brands Cart N Kiosk

Click here to learn about Luci Cigarettes!

Find e cig deals on the internet.

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